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  1. I enjoy new tech and even though it sometimes struggles to find a place, I like when companies try. That said, gaming is a business and unless hardware makers can devise a new standard, controls aren't going to make that leap. We've basically been using the same controller for over 20 years now (the dualshock introduced dual analog and it is the general standard across all platforms) and that was an evolution of the SNES controller, which was itself an evolution of the NES controller. So unless someone comes up with an evolution that can become the defacto standard (and we haven't had it in 20 years now), companies that try to innovate controllers are always going to alienate gamers and developers.

  2. I agree with this view, and honestly, it's something I'm personally fine with.

    For instance, look at movies. The only real lasting innovations in watching a film come from how they're presented and how the stories are told, but the basic experience is still just settling into a chair and viewing a screen. Same with games. You got your controller in-hand, a decent place to sit, some Dew + Doritos, and there ya go.

    I think it's up to devs to innovate WITHIN games to advance the medium. New mechanics, inventive uses of older styles, better writing, improved UI systems, etc… I feel like these are the kinds of things that advance gaming through its history.

  3. Shield hero is amazing so far and I loved mob psycho 2. I was also watching the seven deadly sins but the fact that it’s on Netflix makes me forget to go back and continue watching it, since I’m always catching up on other shows on crunchyroll. I couldn’t get into girly air Force but I’ll have to go back and give it another chance. I’d recommend to watch The Promised Neverland whenever you get a chance, it caught me by surprise by how dark it is but was also the reason why it hooked me to keep on watching it. I’m a sucker for love animes and domestic girlfriend was a good one for me. I didn’t think sword art online was going to be able to draw me back in but it did. The winter season was filled with some awesome animes and so far some of the spring anime have been good but I can already tell it’s going to be hard to beat what the winter season had to offer!

    1. I get the feeling that The Promised Neverland is something that I will enjoy. I have not seen something dark in a while. I’ll also have to add Domestic Girlfriend to my radar. As for Sword Art, I have some friends who dislike it so I never looked into it. I may have to see it for myself one day. I’m already knee deep in Spring shows and can’t wait to write about them!

  4. If a fresh start is learning from those who have made the mistake and not being one to repeat the mistake then I’m ready for a fresh start!