Catgirl Week 2022: Cat Fight!

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Not too long ago I brought up the idea of an all-catgirl fighting game. If such a game was made who should be in it? There are plenty of catgirls to choose from even if getting the rights to all of them could be a challenge. In fact, many catgirls have already been in a video game. I took the time to put together a roster of only catgirls who have been in a game. The roster could quickly expand to include other catgirls and kemonomimi.

Felicia from Darkstalkers Offical Art by Mori Toshiaki
Taokaka from BlazBlue Offical Art by Katou Yuuki
Kokonoe from BlazBlue Offical Art by Katou Yuuki
Cham Cham From Samurai Shodown Offical Art
Uriko Nonomura from Bloody Roar Offical Art
Shina from Bloody Roar Offical Art
Nadia Fortune from Skullgirls Offical Art by Alex Ahad
Kit Ballard from Blade Kitten Offical Art by Space Captain Steve
Lethe from Fire Emblem Offical Art
Catwoman From DC Comics Screenshot from Batman: Arkham City

That would be my starting roster for an All Catgirl Fighting game. Seven of the ten fighters are from fighting games and Catwoman has been in fighting games in the past. If the game was real catgirls from other games, anime, comics, and other media would be added as DLC. It would be the most ambitious [cat]over in history! What do you think? Would you play an all-catgirl fighting game?

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