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The first Cat[girl]urday

Cat[girl]urday has been around for almost 15 years and a lot has happened since 2007. Back then IGN was building a following of Nintendo fans with their podcasts covering the “Revolution”. Not much was known about the system code-named Revolution that would become the Wii. Matt Casamassina and Mark Bozon used the podcast to hint at things they knew but couldn’t talk about. This brought many users like me to the site. When IGN added user blogs most of us users tried our hand at amateur game journalism. Although writing about video games did not get me anywhere I did find a topic I could write about.

The IGN Blogs was a friendly place and users had no problems giving each other advice. One user by the name of AlloyNES suggested creating “features” which were regular posts set to a theme. This was a way to help users post on a regular basis. At that time I had just saved a bunch of catgirl photos and decided to try a catgirl-based feature. It started off with just posting a picture of a catgirl and asking other users what they thought. As time passed and I received feedback I added some unwritten rules to the feature.

During my time posting on IGN I decided Cat[girl]urday had to be more than just posting random pictures of catgirls. Names and links to the original artist are required for original and fan art. More time is also spent describing the art and highlighting the artist. I also spent more time covering catgirls from anime, video games, and other media.

My MyIGN Blog before it was deleted captured on February 6th 2018.
My MyIGN Blog before it was deleted captured on February 6th, 2018.

After IGN moved the blogs to a WordPress-based system called MyIGN support for blogs started to dry up. Bugs went unfixed and the login page was eventually hidden. Although it was still possible to create new posts with a workaround IGN went completely silent on MyIGN. At this point, I started a backup blog on Blogger just in case. This kept Cat[girl]urday going when IGN finally shutdown MyIGN but Blogger was little more than a stop-gap.

On January 11, 2019, I started this website. As I explained in the first blog post I was sick of relying on IGN and social media to host my content so I made my own site. Just like with the IGN days I have come to rely on catgirls to keep me posting content every Saturday. That leads us to where we are today! I may not be able to run a great blog but I can blog about catgirls. That is the one constant in my life! Toon in tomorrow for my take on a catgirl fighting game!

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