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Colosalcon is always a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, it occurs at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH. This venue provides a water park that is unique when compared to other conventions. Cosplayers and photographers come from all over to take photos here. On the other hand, the atmosphere is not like other conventions. Some have called it exclusive, elitist, and even a clout chaser con. None of this bothers me too much. That said, we do have to deal with the dark convention center, crowded waterpark, and added cost this con brings. 

For many Colosalcon is no standard con. It is more like spring break and involves way more drinking and debauchery than your average anime convention. Sure these things are common at most anime conventions but it is more out in the open at Colossal. Expect more booze, boobs, and butts than more family-friendly events. 

With all of that said Colosalcon does provide more unique opportunities. This year we finally got a room at the Kalahari which cut down on the need to buy waterpark passes. I also finally found the infamous villas which is where the parties are at. It then became clear to me the convention itself is almost a ruse for this. Colosalcon is a place for adult nerds to be adults. If you do not believe me here are some of the photos to prove it.

ssj3fox Friday

Colossalcon 2023 Friday ssj3fox

ssj3fox Saturday and Sunday

Colossalcon 2023 Sat and Sun ssj3fox

Deuce231 Friday

Colossalcon 2023 Friday Deuce231

Deuce231 Saturday

Colossalcon 2023 Saturday Duece231

Deuce231 Sunday

Colossalcon 2023 Sunday Duece231

Devil May Cry

Colossalcon 2023 Devil May Cry

Cum Wrestling Federation

Colossalcon 2023 CWF

VR coming soon.

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