Catgirl Week 2022: Day of Cute

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Cat[girl]urday was a way for me to write regular blog posts on IGN but how was I going to keep readers engaged? I needed a call to action to get users to write comments so I asked them, “What do you think?” and offered them three options. They were “Cute”, “Creepy”, or “Sexy”. Today, let us look at examples of cute. So, without further ado here are some cute nekomimi!

Kal’tsit From Arknights Art by aki0530_me
Harukara From 7th Dragon Art by Muku (muku-coffee)
Felicia From Darkstalkers Art by kunimitsudx
A catgirl with a donut in her mouth By Nami (nyaa)
Diona from Genshin Impact on a Roomba Art by ooyun

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