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Anime Central is my favorite event of the year! I feel like going there recharges me for the rest of the year. This year felt like a true return to form and the event felt bigger and better than ever. Another thing that makes this year special is that it marks ten years since I started using a DSLR. ACEN is the convention that made me a photographer and I take more photos there than anywhere else! Not only did I take over 1600 photos but my friend who got his first DSLR and took over 2500! That does not include the VR stuff! If you are looking for what we took look no further. Here is where everything will be listed.

  • Update 6-12-2023
    • Added Deuce231’s Saturday photos
    • Added Deuce231’s Sunday photos
  • Update 6-8-2023
    • Added Helltaker Gathering by Duece231
  • Update 6-1-2023
    • Added ssj3fox’s photo gatherings
  • Update 5-29-2023
    • Added Deuce231’s Friday photos
  • Update 5-28-2023
    • Added ssj3fox’s Sunday photos
  • Update 5-27-2023
    • Added ssj3fox’s Saturday photos
  • Update 5-26-2023
    • Added ssj3fox’s Friday photos

ssj3fox Friday

ACEN 2023 Friday ssj3fox

ssj3fox Saturday

ACEN 2023 Saturday ssj3fox

ssj3fox Sunday

ACEN 2023 Sunday ssj3fox

Deuce231 Friday

ACEN 2023 Friday Deuce231

Saturday Deuce231

ACEN 2023 Saturday Deuce231

Sunday Deuce231

ACEN 2023 Sunday Deuce231

Ace Attorney Gathering

ACEN 2023 Ace Attorney Gathering

Dr Stone Gathering

ACEN 2023 Dr Stone Gathering

Marvel Gathering

ACEN 2023 Marvel Gathering

Nier Gathering

ACEN 2023 Nier Gathering

Sailor Moon Gathering

ACEN 2023 Sailor Moon Gathering

Spy x Family Gathering

ACEN 2023 Spy x Family Gathering

Helltaker Gathering

ACEN 2023 Helltaker Gathering

Coming soon!

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