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ACEN, also known as Anime Central returned after a two hiatus and it has not missed a step! ACEN is still my favorite convention of the year. Going there feels like going home! It was the first anime convention I ever attended and the one that made me a photographer. Just like in past years, I took a lot of photos. Here is where you can find them all in one place.


ACEN 2022 Friday

Saturday and Sunday:

ACEN 2022 Saturday and Sunday

Metal Gear Solid Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Metal Gear Solid Gathering

Kantai Collection Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Kantai Collection Gathering

Fighting Games Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Fighting Games Gathering

Catgirl & Cowgirl Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Catgirl & Cowgirl Gathering

Marvel Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Marvel Gathering

Spider-Verse Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Spider-Verse Gathering

Isekai Crossover Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Isekai Crossover Gathering

Princess Connect Gathering:

ACEN 2022 Princess Connect Gathering

Photos taken by Duece231:

ACEN 2022 Duece231


WebVR Slideshow on Orbix360 (Visit from the Quest Web Browser).

Downloadable version on Flickr.

ACEN 2022 VR180 Slideshow on YouTube

Click here for DeoVR version.

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