Catgirl Week 2019: Reflecting

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Rin Kenbyou from Touhou art by gomi (gomitin)

It’s hard to believe that Cat[girl]urday has been going on for almost 12 years. Back in 2007 when personal blogs were all the rage the video game site IGN opened up a blogging section. Many gamers tried our hands at writing our own blogs. Posting content on a regular bias was not an easy task but we had AlloyNES to give useful advice. He advised us to create “features” or post that were part of a reoccurring theme. At that time I was collecting catgirl art online and found a thread on Latvian Otaku that contained a ton of pictures. I thought to myself, “I can use these to a start feature”, not knowing how long it would last. Now here we are!

Cat[girl]urday has changed a lot since then. Not only did I learn how to write consistently but I manage to release a post every Saturday since. It has now outlived the IGN blogs and has become a personal project of passion. I know it may not mean much to the world but having a personal passion that helps you grow is never a bad thing. If you are having a tough time becoming a content creator find something you love, create content about it, and wait. Over time your passion will drive you to become a better creator even if no one is watching. Invest in yourself. Be your own light!

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Sanae Furukawa from reflecting on her outfit. Screenshot from Clannad

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