Catgirl Week 2017 Day of Creepy

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Catgirls are the ultimate good in the universe. They can do no wrong and will bring about world peace. That said during our never ending research of nekomimi, we do discover some unexplainable phenomenon. Some of it is very bone chilling. That said nothing that comes from catgirls can be wrong. This could all be some evil bunny plot to distract the catgirl fateful! Never the less it is our job to show them to you. Beware some of this is real nightmare fuel…
Little Red Chen

Art by sho (shirojiro kuroguro) and terajin
Hibiki Ganaha from Idolmaster
Art by kiriririn

Chen as Shen

Art by sho (shirojiro kuroguro)
Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, Chadd Chamers, Peer Schneider
Art by nijiura
Serval got her prey
Art by osakana (denpa yun’yun)
A fresh kill
Art by pandarou
Just Chen again
Art by hibrid56
Puni had an accedent
Art by catstudioinc (punepuni)
Rin at work
Art by meitei
Yukineko-san has a new toy
Art by pikomint


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