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Apologies for my tardiness once more! I procrastinated writing about Youmacon due to the controversies surrounding the event. In retrospect, I wonder how much of this controversy actually impacts the event experience. Even though I have heard people complain about the event for years it somehow manages to come back every year. Despite the significant issues this year I don’t believe Youmacon is doomed just yet.

I’m not even going to try to cover all of the internet drama surrounding the event in 2023. Instead, let’s talk about the big two. First, Youmacon was unable to book the GM Renaissance Center. This reduction not only halved the event space but also impacted the nightlife since the Cobo Center promptly cleared attendees after closing hours. This disruption affected both panels and the raves. To make matters worse Youmacon was very late to make this announcement leaving many asking about room blocks in the Rencen until the final weeks before the event.

The second issue of the many was the fact that vendors were not able to set up before the event started. As a result, they scrambled to prepare, causing a delay in opening the dealer’s hall. I’m not sure how Youmacon could have messed this up! Vendors play a crucial role in any convention and you shouldn’t make their lives more difficult! These are just a few of the behind-the-scenes challenges. I could go on about the mishaps related to the maid cafe, guests, and badge mailing but as a photographer, it was overwhelming to keep track of everything!

Despite these issues, attendance remained strong. The Saturday rave still drew a sizable crowd. Currently, the event is scheduled to return in 2024. Remarkably, Youmacon consistently finds a way to endure. Hopefully, it will address all the issues or it may meet the fate of Shutocon…

Friday ssj3fox

Youmacon 2023 Friday ssj3fox

Sat and Sun ssj3fox

Youmacon 2023 Sat and Sun ssj3fox

Friday Deuce231

Youmacon 2023 Friday Deuce231

Sat and Sun Deuce231

Youmacon 2023 Sat and Sun Deuce231

Spider-Verse Gathering

Youmacon 2023 Spider-Verse Gathering

Bunny Gathering

Youmacon 2023 Bunny Gathering

League of Legends Gathering

Youmacon 2023 League of Legends Gathering

Cow Gathering

Youmacon 2023 Cow Gathering

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