Youmacon 2021 VR180

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It has been a long time since I have been able to go to a convention and use my VR camera. For a while, I was not sure how I would proceed with creating VR content. Even at conventions, it takes time to take good VR photos and videos. During the pandemic, two things happened. My VR videos became my most popular videos on YouTube and I personally used them to help fight depression. Now I am even more motivated to make VR content and went to Youmacon ready to make a VR video.

Making VR content is only part of the problem. Another is sharing it. So far YouTube is the best place to share VR videos. I’m still trying to figure out how to shoot better videos so for now I made a slideshow of VR photos with a few clips thrown in. YouTube VR is only available for Oculus (Meta‚Ķ) headsets and is not available on PC. Thankfully DeoVR is creating a new VR video site and I am working on getting my videos on the platform. DeoVR is available on all major VR headsets and will have a WebVR player. I’ll add a link here when it is ready.

VR Photos can be viewed on Orbix360. The web player is not that great but thankfully VR photos are easier to download. For the first time ever I’ve uploaded my VR180 photos to Flickr for download. Now you can download them and view them on whatever hardware you want.

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