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Scholastic media has announced that they are braking into the videogame industry on the Nintendo DS:

Scholastic Media (SM), a leading producer of quality, family-oriented media including feature films, home video, TV and interactive products, and a division of Scholastic Inc., today announced that it will support the Nintendo DS with two new games for the platform in 2007: I SPY Fun House and Scholastic Animal Genius. Both games will deliver unmatched gameplay, which is fun and accessible for players of all ages.

I SPY Fun House will build on Scholastic Media’s popular I SPY franchise with brain-teasing riddles and fast-paced games played exclusively using the Nintendo DS stylus and touch screen. Animal Genius will appeal to players of all ages who are passionate about animals. Featuring stunning, photo-realistic imagery of animals in their natural habitat, the game will challenge the players’ knowledge about where animals live, how they behave and what makes them unique. Both titles will be distributed at retail, mass merchants, and wholesale accounts as well as through Scholastic’s proprietary channels.

“Scholastic Media is a content leader in the publishing and media industries, with some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed franchises for kids. We are proud to bring that pedigree of quality interactive products to Nintendo DS with two new games that are both entertaining and challenging for gamers of all skill levels,” said Alan Waldman, Senior Vice President, Scholastic Interactive Products Group.

In I SPY Fun House, players find themselves trapped inside a carnival Fun House, tasked with collecting nine inventory items that will “unlock” the exit. Full of twists and turns, optical illusions and surprises around every corner, the Fun House will consist of six I SPY riddle screens, 18 I SPY riddles, and three fast-paced games to challenge the mind. As players pan around the room, they will be able to visually recognize different objects that populate the Fun House. These objects are the gateways into the games and riddles that must be completed to escape the Fun House.

Animal Genius puts players’ animal smarts to the test. Using the Nintendo DS stylus, players must compete in five different games, which require a combination of quick thinking and sharp reflexes. The five games include Creature Collector, Scratch ‘N See, Matchomatic, Maze Munch and Animal Expert.


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