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New content for Small Arms was released today. The pack includes the following:

  • Two playable characters: Recycle your opponents as Ivar, the sabretooth tiger druid, or as Gullarp, the bald wooly mammoth.
  • Two distinctive battlefields: Go fishing for friends on the Arctic Ice Floe, or fight for glory amid the rubble of Pillaged Village.
  • Two unique achievements: Become an Honorary Barbarian by completing Mission Mode as any new character, or launch a career as a Barbaric Recruiter by hosting a multiplayer game on any new battlefield.
  • New options enable the in-game display of player indicators and Gamertags to help players navigate moments of intense action.
  • Performance enhancements: Improved frame rate and reduced tearing.
  • Smarter leaderboards: More efficiently and accurately track player positions.
  • Tighter weapons balance: Based on user feedback, provides for the best gameplay experience.
  • Bug Fixes And an assortment of upgrades that resolve issues related, but not limited, to Achievements and Xbox LIVE Multiplayer.

The pack cost 250 MS Points.

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