New slide controller for the DS

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According to IGN a new DS game called Slide Adventure: Mag Kid will come with a new DS controller:

The slide controller plugs into the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot and, laying beneath the system, looks somewhat like a stand. As you slide the DS around on a table, the controller picks up your movements. This is how you move the main character about the overhead fields of play.

The main character in question is the Mag Kid of the title. This peculiar circular creature has special magnetic properties which makes things attach to him. You’ll have to use this special power to solve puzzles that take place about a house.

Mag Kid has a few special moves that make use of the slide controls. Sliding the DS in an enemy’s direction makes Mag Kid ram into and paralyze the enemy. Paralyzed enemies can be attached to Mag Kid, giving him, depending on the enemy type, special powers, including lasers and fire breath. Finally, when you’ve lost interest in your support crew, you shake the DS to release them.

Mag Kid seems capable of attaching a small army of enemies to himself — at least eight from what we’ve been able to gather. Some stages require that you create chains of enemies in the correct order.

As one example of the gameplay we can expect from the game, Famitsu details a boss fight in which Mag Kid faces off against the flames from four burners on a stove (the Four Flame Brothers, as they’re known). To defeat the boss, you attach water drops to Mag Kid, then toss them at the flames.


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