Muskecon 2024

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My first con of 2024 was my hometown convention known as Muskecon. After all, how can I skip a convention I could walk to if I had to? That is good for me but what about others who might want to come from out of town? Does Muskecon provide enough reason to hit the highway for a visit? To be honest with you no, not yet. 

Although my first issue was not the fault of Muskecon I did have trouble getting there. The St Patrick’s parade was the same day and most of the street was blocked off. This led to a big detour to get to the convention center. On the bright side, some St Patrick’s Day revelators did take notice but most did not want to pay to get in.  

To be blunt, there was not much to do this year. It was just vendors and artists. There were no panels, guests, game rooms, cosplay contests, etc. This meant most people just came in, shopped, and left. The convention took up less space and you could tell fewer people were hanging around. On the bright side they did have cheap food and, to my surprise alcohol. For a small one-day event it is not bad, but they need to do more if they want to stay around. Hopefully, they will at least do a cosplay contest and game room next year! 

Muskecon 2024

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