Catgirl Week 2021 Meme Monday

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Instead of the usual “History” post, I decided to do something different this year. This time we are going to try Meme Monday! Nekomimi is a popular “meme” that often gets mixed with other memes. So let us take a moment to look at catgirls in different meme attire.

Azuki and Coconut in Cat Keyhole Lingerie Offical Art by Sayori
Hanekawa Black From Monogatari in “rei no himo” or “That ribbon” fan art by Thomas (aoakumasan)
Yamashiro from Azur Lane in the Virgin Killer Sweater Fan Art by Nekobaka
Kyaru from Princess Connect in the Reverse Bunny Suit Fan Art by Seijun (seijun01)
Tiffy in “Mega Milk” by NottyTiffy

Many of these memes come and go. They are snapshots of what was popular at that time. Although some will live on and be reproduced for eternity catgirls are on another level. Nekomimi is not just a meme. Nekomimi is a way of life! No matter the era or its memes catgirls will be there!

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