Catgirl Week 2019 Day of Creepy

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I know what you are thinking. How can catgirls be creepy? Well if you search the internet for anything long enough you will see some things and some stuff. Brother, in my 12 years of catgirl blogging I have seen some things and some stuff! Let me share them with you!

Catgirl in a graveyard art by horori
Rin stealing another body art by koto inari
Nefelpitou From Hunter x Hunter art by musashikoganei kiyotaka

Get Bonus!

Todays Bonus is going to be different. I have noticed a lot of depression going around this summer and wrote a post about looking for light in the darkness. The image I wanted to use I could not because the artist requested no repost on Instagram. Here is a link to the image on their Twitter. Rember, you are not alone.

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