N00b Notes: Into Cosplay VR180

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We are counting down to ACEN and there is work to do! Every year I look for something new to add to our kit. One thing I have really wanted to get into is making cosplay VR180 videos. I was waiting for the right camera to come along and I think I found it. The Insta360 EVO looks like it has the right balance of price and quality for a hobbyist who wants to get into VR180 videos. It records videos at 5.7K and Insta360 has a good reputation for its software. I decided to give this camera a shot and made a test video to get familiar with it.

The video was shot mostly in one day. Then I took a week to learn how to import and edit the videos from the Insta360 EVO. The camera is pretty easy to use but VR180 is still pretty new. Adobe already has options for editing VR videos that helped a lot. I still ran into some issues but I was able to work around them. The video is not the greatest in the world but that is mostly because I am not a great subject. There is room for improvement with light and sound but none of this is the EVOs fault. All and all I am excited by what the Insta360 EVO can do and can not wait to take it to ACEN and Colossalcon!

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